Sony Pictures Picks up Morgan Spurlock’s Greatest Movie


The Sundance Film Festival hasn’t actually started yet, but Sony Pictures Worldwide Distribution has already picked up the North American distribution rights to Morgan (Super Size Me Spurlock’s documentary feature The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which examines the world of product placement, marketing and advertising through a film financed entirely by product placement, marketing and advertising. They plan on releasing the movie through their speciality branch Sony Pictures Classics this April.

The film is described thusly in the press release:

“From the billboards in Times Square to the barren streets of São Paulo, acclaimed documentarian Morgan Spurlock shines a light on the world of product placement, marketing and advertising through his new film, fully financed by the very product placement the movie explores on screen. With humor and insight, Spurlock unmasks the marketing process, bringing audiences directly into the pitch meetings and marketing presentations which inform our everyday entertainment decisions. From small, family-owned operations to multi-million dollar global brands, Spurlock uses his integrity as currency to sell out to the highest bidder, and garners the kind of large-scale marketing support and promotions customarily reserved for studio blockbusters in an effort to create a first – a “docbuster.”

Look for our Sundance review of the film sometime in the next couple days.