Greengrass Sits Out of Cameron’s Fantastic Voyage


It was less than two months ago that director Paul Greengrass was reported to be in talks to helm the James Cameron-produced 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage, confirmed to us by the movie’s co-producer Jon Landau while doing interviews for the Avatar Blu-ray last month. According to Deadline, Greengrass has decided to drop out of the project to focus on a stylized adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, produced by Lionel Wigram (Sherlock Holmes).

Greengrass never fully commited to Fantastic Voyage, and in fact nor has anything been signed for the Treasure Island project, which doesn’t have a screenwriter as of yet. Greengrass’ decision not to take the project leaves Cameron and Landau back at the point where they’ll have to send Shane Salerno’s script out to other directors to take on.