Updated: Lars von Trier Headed for Planet Melancholia


Antichrist director Lars von Trier has announced that his next project will be a psychological disaster film titled Planet Melancholia.

The Hollywood Reporter says that von Trier will write and direct the $7.4 million-budgeted English-language feature. Shooting is scheduled for next summer in Germany and Sweden.

Producers are Meta Foldager (Antichrist) and Louise Vesth (Manderlay).

Von Trier’s business partner Peter Aalbaek Jensen promised a mix of spectacular, cinematic imagery with Dogme-style handheld camerawork.

UPDATE: As far as Von Trier’s “United States trilogy,” tt the New York Film Festival press conference for his new movie Antichrist, opening in New York and L.A. on October 23, the director was asked what was happening with the third part of that trilogy, which we probably won’t be seeing too soon.

“The problem with trilogies is that there have to be three of them,” he joked. “Let’s see. I’m open, but I don’t have the exact idea. When it comes, I’ll make the film if it’s possible.”