Weekend Box Office: ‘Lego Movie’ #1 Again While ‘About Last Night’ is Strong at #2


lego-movieDropping only 29% from its impressive $69 million opening weekend, Warner’s The Lego Movie added another $48.8 million to its total this weekend for a second straight finish at #1 as it has now made just over $129 milion in just ten days of release.

In second is About Last Night, the first of two Kevin Hart movies in the top ten and along with an “A-” CinemaScore the film brought in $27 million this weekend and should hold strong throughout the rest of the month.

The RoboCop remake didn’t light the box office on fire, but it’s doing moderately well following its Wednesday opening. After a slow start, bringing in only $4.9 million on Wednesday and Thursday, the film brought in $21.5 million over the three-day weekend and had a nice little bump on Saturday while the rest of the romantic options dipped following Valentine’s. This number, however was well below the film’s $28 million tracking, which means that $100 million budget will continue to loom.

Also doing decent business is Universal’s Endless Love remake, with $13.3 million (55% of that total coming from Friday alone). I haven’t seen budgetary figures on this one, but it couldn’t have cost much and opening night audiences seemed to get what they were looking for as it too scored an “A-” CinemaScore.

What’s most curious about Endless Love is that it played to an audience that was 80% female, which means only two out of every ten females in the audience (at best) were accompanied by their husband/boyfriend, not accounting for any men that may have gone to see it on their own or gay couples. Not much of a Valentine’s Day movie if the women have to head off to see a movie by themselves. Or was it a matter of the men sending their significant other off to Endless Love while they went to watch RoboCop?

Even more interesting is 75% of that female audience was under the age of 25. I’m no love expert, but if you were a single guy in his early 20s this weekend I can think of one place you may have wanted to check out.

The one release that wasn’t welcomed with open arms by any demographic was Winter’s Tale, scoring only $7.6 million and a “B” CinemaScore means this $46 million directorial debut for Akiva Goldsman is going to end up a loser.

On a final note, Frozen is now over $955 million worldwide. Can it make it to $1 billion?

Next weekend sees the release of 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii, two films so good the studios have decided to pit them against one another here in Seattle. Critics must choose whether to watch Kevin Costner play a retired government assassin or watch Mount Vesuvius bury the titular city. I’ve decided I’m going with the latter option, but that’s just me.