Means and Studi to Star in Terra Infirma


GreenWomb Productions has alerted that Russell Means and Wes Studi will star in the upcoming production of Terra Infirma, a modern eco-thriller set in New Mexico.

The feature tells a story of a battle between nature, government, industry and a Native American Pueblo facing the consequences of mysterious toxic peril, and conflicts between financial exploitation and cultural existence.

The company tells us that, while both Means and Studi have had long, impressive careers as actors, filmmakers, and social activists, they see their roles in Terra Infirma as major steps forward for Native American actors. In particular, Means’ role in the film, Peregrine, was not written as a particular ethnic type, but rather as a powerful, mysterious figure with a strong passion for preserving the earth.

“I am endorsing ‘Terra Infirma’ because this is the very first opportunity for American Indians to be portrayed in the modern world as full functioning participants in the American way of life who continue to be in rhythm with their culture,” said Means. “Therefore, It is an honor to be selected to play Perigrene.”