RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge Officially Underway


RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge LeaderboardI was surprised how much more interested I was in the box office results this weekend now that we have more reason to evaluate the numbers than merely speculating over the likelihood of a sequel to lackluster franchise starters (or non-starters depending on your perspective) and the drop in week two box office. This weekend we started the RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge and the final numbers for the weekend have arrived and the leaderboard has been updated.

This weekend readers were leaderboard of 17 names.

Here’s the top five with ties included:

  1. Rick (8 points)
  2. Driver (5 points)
  3. GregDinskisk (5 points)
  4. Jack Tyler (5 points)
  5. Austin Rains (4 points)
  6. Bustray (4 points)
  7. Charles Ritter (4 points)
  8. CJohn (4 points)
  9. Kai Sacco (4 points)
  10. thefutureofhollywood (4 points)

You can click here to check out the full leaderboard or here to check out the weekend results and the results for the four movies that earned everyone points this weekend.

If you missed participating in this week’s challenge, don’t worry, you can earn points every Thursday in Laremy’s Box Office Oracle posts. All you need is a RopeofSilicon membership and some keen prediction skills.

I would also suggest everyone head to and register an account with the email address you used to register at so your place on the leaderboard will have your avatar rather than the anonymous Guy Fawkes mask.

Additionally, anyone with a ranking on the RopeofSilicon Box Office Leaderboard will find their profile page includes their placement and a link to the leaderboard as seen using GregDinskisk’s profile.


Hope to see you back on Thursday, ready to post predictions for this weekend’s films. For a complete look at the rules and regulations on how to compete click here.