‘End of Watch,’ ‘Ivan’s Childhood’ and ‘The Paperboy’ On DVD and Blu-ray This Week


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: January 22, 2013

End of Watch
End of Watch on DVD Blu-ray today
End of Watch made my Blu-ray.com’s review makes it sound incredibly informative:

Writer/director David Ayer offers a scene by scene breakdown of End of Watch, discussing the authenticity of the film at great length, touching on the decision to avoid including a single corrupt cop, providing insight into development and implementation of the multi-camera narrative, and spending plenty of time on everything from the script to the performances to the POV shifts between the police officers and the gangsters.

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Ivan’s Childhood (Criterion Collection)
I have a review of this one in the works and it should be finished by this afternoon. That said, I will tell you I really liked this film and liked it far more than I expected I would. Ivan’s Childhood is Andrei Tarkovsky’s feature debut and I expected something extraordinarily experimental and existential coming from the director of Solaris and The Sacrifice, and while this isn’t exactly a straight-forward narrative as it tells the story of a young boy in the midst of World War II, it’s a fully fleshed out feature filled with emotion and tragedy.

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The Paperboy
The Paperboy on DVD Blu-ray today
I have a feeling The Paperboy may become a minor cult classic over the next 25 years or so, with people finding it on Netflix and telling their friends about the messed up little backwoods B-movie thriller they just saw. The first 75% or so you can sort of see coming, but the final 25% is a bit crazy and Nicole Kidman does give a rather entertaining performance you need to see to believe.

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The Imposter
I know a lot of people said they considered this one of 2012’s best documentaries when I wrote up my Top Five of 2012, but for me it didn’t amount to enough to really bowl me over as it did others. It’s still very good and incredibly fascinating, but in the end I just wasn’t entirely moved.

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Pina (Criterion Collection)
I never was able to see Pina in 3-D in theaters and now Criterion releases what is their first 3-D Blu-ray. Not owning a 3-D Blu-ray player that doesn’t exactly do me any favors, but then again I don’t really want to watch a 3-D film at home so I guess there are really no winners or losers here. However, I do hope to catch this film at some point as many have raved about it and I would like to get in on the conversation.

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Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
I considered requesting a review copy of this, but I haven’t yet found the time to watch The Expendables 2 so who am I to think I’ll make the time to watch Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning? This film, however, has had some good word spread in its favor so it just might be a decent home rental.

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Searching for Sugar Man
Searching for Sugar Man on DVD Blu-ray today
Bill wrote up a lengthy piece yesterday taking a look at the truths left out of this documentary, and while I think it’s a fascinating article filling some of the holes and revealing a little more about the character at the center of Searching for Sugar Man, I don’t think it will damage your enjoyment of the film. This is looking to be this year’s Best Documentary winner at the Oscars so, if you want a leg up on your viewing party members, give it a rental, you won’t be disappointed.

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For a Good Time, Call…
For a Good Time, Call... on DVD Blu-ray today
My fiancee watched the review copy of For a Good Time, Call… that arrived and seemed to enjoy it. I haven’t yet received a final verdict, but it appeared to get the thumbs up. Speaking of her, she also really liked Lola Versus, which was bad mouthed by a lot of people, but she found it hilarious.

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