‘Seven Psychopaths’ Wins Midnight Madness People’s Choice Award in Toronto


Christopher Walken in Seven Psychopaths

Christopher Walken in Seven Psychopaths
Photo: CBS Films

I saw four films included in the Midnight Madness selection at this year’s Toronto Film Festival — Aftershock, The Bay, John Dies at the End and Seven Psychopaths — and I wasn’t necessarily all that impressed with any of them, with Aftershock being the worst of the 24 films I saw over the course of my nine days in Toronto. I guess if any of those four had to win the People’s Choice Award, I’m happy to hear it was Martin McDonagh‘s Seven Psychopaths.

To look at the Dredd 3D as much as that surprises me.

I enjoyed Seven Psychopaths, but it is such a far cry from McDonagh’s In Bruges I can’t help but look at it as a disappointment. Here’s a snippet from my review that I think best sums up my thoughts:

The story feels like its on life support and needs a jump start every five minutes or so. And with a film that runs 11 minutes shy of two hours, that’s a lot of ups and downs.

I would add to that that both Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell do turn in some solid performances. You can read my full review right here and find Seven Psychopaths in theaters on October 12.

In other Midnight Madness news, Anchor Bay Films has picked up rights to Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, which had some reviewers calling it Zombie’s best film yet. I’m not exactly sure if that is saying much, but it is certainly saying something.

Here’s the trailer for Seven Psychopaths in case you aren’t yet familiar.