How I Met Your Zookeeper


An advertisement for The Zookeeper digitally inserted into a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother”
Photo: CBS via The Consumerist

A Flickr user (via The Consumerist via Vulture) posted the above screen capture from a recent rerun of “How I Met Your Mother”. The episode is from March 19, 2007 (“Moving Day”, season 2), which means Kevin James managed to travel back in time and slyly place a magazine with an ad for his upcoming movie Zookeeper perfectly in the shot or a bit of digital fakery is going on here.

I wonder, would you prefer all of your television shows had advertisements such as this strategically (or not-so strategically) placed or are you still content with commercials so the reputation of sitcoms such as “How I Met Your Mother” are not tarnished?

Here’s a shot of the same scene from the same Flickr account, showing how the scene looks on the DVD.

The same scene from the “How I Met Your Mother” DVD
Photo: CBS via flickr user stjarna!