Scott Confirms ‘Top Gun 2’ and Streep, Bullock and Oprah Team for New Movie


I’d just like to start with a note for those of you who have been missing my regular news updates over the past month or so and wondering where I’ve been (who am I kidding?). Well, it’s because I’ve been working for the Chicago International Film Festival which just wrapped up last week. Interested parties can read my recap of the festival including mini-reviews of the 11 films I had a chance to see at this link.

now for today’s bit of business, USA Today has delivered our first look at The Lorax, which will be voiced by Danny DeVito. The 3D Dr. Seuss adaptation from the team behind Despicable Me and Horton Hears a Who will see a March 2, 2012 release from Universal. It will also feature the vocal talents of Zac Efron, Betty White, Ed Helms and Rob Riggle.

The film is adapted from Dr. Seuss’ 1971 storybook of the same name and is narrated by a greedy entrepreneur who, despite warnings from the tree-loving Lorax (Danny DeVito), strips a forest of its stock of Truffula trees to manufacture clothing. The results are catastrophic as all the animals leave and nothing’s left.

Action maestro Tony Scott recently spoke to HitFix about the prospects of a Top Gun 2 and offered some rather enthusiastic thoughts about the planned sequel. “I’m not waiting for a script. I’m going to do my homework,” he says. Furthermore, he says the film will partially examine the end of the era of fighter pilots and look at the modern state of unmanned aircraft. Top Gun 2 won’t be Scott’s next project, but it could be the one immediately after. It’s still a few years away, but if you are like me and licking your chops at the sheer thought of a sequel to possibly THE iconic movie of the ’80s, I’d advise you to read the entire article. I think it’s going to happen, folks.

Sex and the City writer/director Michael Patrick King is crafting roles for Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Oprah Winfrey for his next project, an untitled ensemble comedy set in the world of a Home Shopping-type network. The film will follow these characters through the different aspects of their lives from marketing, their marriages and the media. King is also looking at the film as a “comeback” of sorts for Oprah, who hasn’t played a live-action character other than herself since 1998. Here’s the quote from King on this dream lineup:

“I came up with the idea of writing for Meryl, Sandy and Oprah, and it became so specific to them that I wanted to be sure I had interest from these ladies. I pit it in front of each of them and they all said yes. To have access to these women, tell them this story and hear yes was almost like a Greek mythological journey, with me going from one goddess to the next. It was humbling. They’re all unique, and the idea of writing parts that three strong women will play is such a challenge. Their body of work is beyond reproach.”

Deadline reports Kristin Davis has joined the cast of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the sequel to 2008’s Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, where she’ll play Josh Hutcherson’s mother and the love interest of Dwayne Johnson. This sequel to a remake seems like a pretty useless cash-in but at least this cast, which also includes Michael Caine as Hutcherson’s missing grandfather, smokes that of the 2008 Brendan Fraser-led feature.