Mister Cartoon’s Fast & Furious Billboard Revealed


Universal Pictures has teamed up with legendary graffiti artist Mister Cartoon to create an original, one-of-a-kind billboard creation in support of the upcoming action-thriller Fast & Furious. Assisted by artists Revok and Toomer, the artwork features the unique graffiti style that has made Mister Cartoon an icon in the art world. The film-inspired billboard just debuted in West Hollywood, CA, last night. Check out the images, video and details below.

The 14′ x 4′ Fast & Furious incorporates key scenes, cars and actors from the film; required more than 40 hours of labor to finish; needed 48 cans of enamel spray paint to complete; and used 39 colors in its design.

To check out the billboard in person, head over to Sunset Boulevard and Sherbourne Drive in West Hollywood, CA!