Catherine Hardwick Talks Twilight Sequel

ON caught up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwick to talk about the movie’s success and the follow-up, New Moon. Here’s a clip:

Shock: Is there an element of the second book you’re especially intrigued or excited by, as far as bringing it to life on screen?

Hardwicke: New Moon’s really taking a whole other leap with this new story and there’s really a lot of new characters in it. There’s the werewolves which is pretty crazy. All the wolves. Then there’s also going to Italy in the second book and there’s motorcycle riding and cliff-jumping and diving. I love jumping off of cliffs. So it’s kind of up my alley – into water, yeah.

You can read the full interview here! Twilight, which cost just $37 million to make, has earned $124 million already domestically.