Brands Line Up for James Bond


Variety reports that familiar brands are returning for the 22nd James Bond installment, Quantum of Solace, opening in theaters on November 7. Here’s a clip:

Sequel to “Casino Royale” will again be backed by Ford Motor Co., Heineken beer, Smirnoff vodka, Omega watches, Virgin Atlantic, Sony Ericsson cell phones and other Sony electronics. These brands all have products placed in the film and each will shell out tens of millions of dollars as a promotional partner of the pic.

…Daniel Craig, who reprises his role as 007, won’t be the sole face to promote the products. Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, who plays feisty 007 ally Camille in the pic, is being used to push Heineken beer and the latest version of Ford’s small European car, the Ka.

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