Ryan Reynolds to Play Deadpool?


Let’s recap… Ryan Reynolds told us the following a couple of weeks ago:

CS: You were under consideration for “The Flash,” correct?
Reynolds: Uh huh.

CS: Are there any other superheroes you’d be interested in playing?
Reynolds: Basically for me there are two superheroes that I could play. One would be Deadpool, the other would be The Flash. There are no imminent plans to do either just now.

CS: Why Deadpool?
Reynolds: He’s just the “merc with a mouth”. For me I guess it’s a no-brainer.

Now, Ain’t It Cool News reports today:

Anyone up for a little DEADPOOL?

How about if Ryan Reynolds is playing him?

This one’s supposed to be a secret, but cat’s out of the bag now, Marvel.

An awful lot must have happened the last few weeks (or maybe he’s just a liar… a good one though!) It’s not for a Deadpool movie though, but instead for a cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Thoughts?