William H. Macy Talks Wild Hogs 2


ComingSoon.net talked to William H. Macy at the Sundance Film Festival while he was promoting comedy The Deal, which he produced, co-wrote and stars in. Macy gave us an update on his upcoming projects, including the sequel to the $168.3 million hit, Wild Hogs.

ComingSoon.net: What’s going on with Wild Hogs 2?
William H. Macy: We’re talking. Apparently Dudley, the character I play, is going to get married to Marissa Tomei and the boys try to take him out on one last trip. I worry for Dudley.

CS: The reception the first one had was great, it seemed like you guys had a lot of fun on that film.
Macy: We did and I got a motorcycle, I’ve been riding ever since. I love it.

CS: What are you working on next?
Macy: I think my next project is going to be directing a film, my directorial debut, it’s called “Keep Coming Back,” I’m just waiting for one movie star, everything else is in place. Then I’ve got two in the can, one is called “The Lonely Maiden,” a sweet gentle comedy – I only want to do comedies now, it’s Morgan Freeman, Chris Walken and me, and another little indie called “Bart Got a Room,” which I think just might be hysterical.

CS: Your directorial debut, that’s going to be an indie?
Macy: Yes, it will be an independent film, small budget.

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