The Future of Shrek?


Will there be a Puss in Boots movie? Antonio Banderas says yes; according to the producers, well… they’re really keeping their mouths shut about it.

The voice of the feline, Banderas, says, “It’s fantastic ’cause Donkey doesn’t have one! There was a Puss in Boots movement right there. No, I’m very happy that happened; I didn’t expect it at all at the beginning that was going to be developed. In this one, they push him more, they’re pushing like they’ve never done before.”

With chatter around the business, the franchise has been a huge money maker for DreamWorks Animation, and so the team on the first three was so focused on them, two new people were brought in to develop the Puss in Boots movie – David Steinberg and Jon Zack.

Producer Aron Warner says, “There’s definitely been talk about it, and it’s definitely been in development. But I don’t know where it is in the process; I’m not involved in it.”

And so what’s going on with Shrek 4? A lot. But once again, Warner was mum about the future. “All we’re doing is ‘Shrek 3’ right now, that’s where our heads are at,” he said.

However, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews and Rupert Everett are ready to jump back into the studio. “If they do it,” started Julie – “I’m in it,” finished Cameron. “I’m there, I’m there; I’ll by a ticket,” she continued.

Rupert, who voices Prince Charming, mentioned the possibility of returning to the fourth installment. “Yes, there’s a chance; there’s always a chance. You’ll have to wait and see.”

Shrek 4 is scheduled for a 2010 release; if it goes into full development, Puss in Boots will be after that.