Roemer Lurks in Fox’s Asylum


By now, one would think young actress Sarah Roemer’s nerves would be frayed beyond repair. She only has four films to her credit, all concerning edgy, dark, often frightening, material. Last year, audiences got their introduction to this mesmerizing beauty in Ghost House’s The Grudge 2 and on April 13th, she’s roped into a web of paranoia in Disturbia. On the horizon is the already-controversial Wristcutters: A Love Story, due for release this summer from After Dark Films, and Asylum directed by David Ellis (Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane) for 20th Century Fox.

“I just finished that,” she says referring to the latter project while promoting Disturbia. “I play the lead and it’s about five college students who go to this campus for their first year. It’s orientation so there’s not a lot of students there and these new dorms are attached to this abandoned asylum. Of course, the number one rule is not to enter this asylum.” Care to venture what happens next? No relation to the 1972 Amicus Films horror anthology of the same name, obviously, Asylum was written by Ethan Lawrence. Roemer’s cast mates include Jake Muxworthy (Borderland) and Ellen Hollman (Road House 2). “It’s gonna be a really crazy movie. Very funny at times and [full of] very inappropriate laughter, I think.”

We’ll have more info on the film as it’s made available. Stay tuned for the latest horror buzz as preps for the launch of its genre arm