Enter Disturbia


The full website for Disturbia has now launched at Disturbia.com. At the site, you can explore the nooks and cranny’s of Kale Brecht’s (Shia LaBeouf) bedroom to discover the mysteries of Disturbia. While you’re there, be sure to share your neighborhood’s enigmas in “Dark Secrets” and see what your neighbors are hiding in “Disturbia Suburbia.” You can also find images, downloads, video, and more if you poke around enough.

For even more dark secrets, visit Kale Brecht’s MySpace page. Check out Kale’s lockdown Blog, with insights from the trenches of house arrest. Soon, you’ll be able to compete with Kale and others with too much time on their hands in a house arrest decathlon with events including best twinkie tower.

Paramount has also launched a new “Disturbia Mashup” contest on Eyespot where you can mix and match from a selection of film clips & audio as well as your own personal video to create your disturbing masterpiece. The 10 best videos will be chosen and one winner will receive an XBOX 360™!

The D.J. Caruso-directed thriller, also starring David Morse, Sarah Roemer and Carrie-Anne Moss, opens in theaters on April 13.