Bruce Campbell and Lou Taylor Pucci on Evil Dead and the Future of the Franchise


It’s a good time to be an Evil Dead fan! In addition to the new film hitting theaters this Friday, plans are underway for a direct sequel to Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness, a second Fede Alvarez film and, if all goes according to plan, a seventh film that will combine both franchises and take on the Deadites once and for all. caught up with the new film’s producer Bruce Campbell and star Lou Taylor Pucci to discuss the decision to head back into the woods and what it could mean for the future of Evil Dead.

Check out the Campbell interview by clicking here and the Pucci interview by clicking here. Please be aware that both interviews contain some minor spoilers.

Also starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Elizabeth Blackmore, Evil Dead lands in theaters this Friday, April 5.