Exclusive Hit and Run TV Spot


ComingSoon.net has an exclusive TV spot for Open Road Films’ upcoming action-comedy Hit and Run, written, co-directed and starring Dax Shepard (“Brotherhood,” Without a Paddle) along with his real-life fiancĂ©e Kristen Bell.

Shepard plays a former bank robber who entered the witness protection program and lives in a quiet California town with his girlfriend Annie (Bell) under the name Charles Bronson, but when Annie’s ex (Michael Rosenbaum) realizes her new guy is a robber, he contacts his former accomplices (including a dreadlocked Bradley Cooper) to let them know where their traitorous driver is now living. The movie also stars Tom Arnold as the U.S. Marshall put in charge of protecting Shepard and Bell’s characters who follows them as they go on the run.

Hit and Run opens nationwide on Wednesday, August 22. Look for our exclusive interview with Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell closer to that date.