Visiting Screen Gems’ Lakeview Terrace


Who wouldn’t want to live next door to Samuel L. Jackson? I mean, he has been named one of the coolest working actors today so just think, not only could he reenact your favorite scene from your favorite movie of his, but he could feed you those classic one-liners from his days as a philosophizing and likable hitman or how about just intimidate the hell out of anyone you wanted with his authoritative presence.

Unfortunately, his co-stars Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington in Screen Gems’ new thriller Lakeview Terrace–directed by Neil LaBute and opening September 19–have a different view of what it’s like living next door to the badass actor. In the film, Jackson plays Abel Turner, a chauvinistic LAPD officer who strongly opposes his new neighbors Chris (Wilson) and Lisa (Washington) moving in because they are an interracial couple who don’t understand how anyone can still be racially prejudiced.

At first, the happily married couple doesn’t realize their next door neighbor has an issue with their relationship. It isn’t until subtle things start happening–like their tires getting slashed and their air conditioner hose getting mysteriously cut–that they begin to understand what their neighbor is all about. What makes it worse for the blissful couple is that not only does the entire neighborhood support Abel, because he patrols the nearby streets and is therefore turning others against the pair, they can’t call the police because the other officers are on their colleague’s side and they have nobody to go to.

The movie was shot in Walnut, California, about an hour outside of Los Angeles, and was invited to hang out on set and talk to the actors about their latest project. We met the production at a middle school which was set up for the cast and crew to use as their base camp. There, we interviewed the talent until the crew was ready for us to be on set which was just a couple of minutes from where we were located.

The scene took place at Chris and Lisa’s house. It was a nice track home in a very suburb neighborhood. The neighborhood was completely dark except for the lights in the home where the film was shot and the quiet cul-de-sac had been completely taken over by the film crew. It was late at night and there was smoke everywhere from a fire. Chris and Lisa were outside in their backyard by the pool talking and were visibly upset by what’s been happening with Abel as well as the looming fire that was threatening their home. Lisa was worried about getting their things out before the fire got too close. She wanted to evacuate, but he had something he wanted to do first.

Patrick Wilson: This is unbelievable.

Kerry Washington: Oh my God. Honey, we should start packing.

Wilson: I know. Go inside. I want to talk to Abel.

Washington: Baby.

Wilson: No, I want to thank him.

Washington had a bruise (makeup of course) on the side of her face and during the interview we asked about it but she wouldn’t give up anything. She did reveal it was from an altercation with Abel, but wouldn’t say anything more.

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