The Oscar Warrior’s 2008 Preview Part 1


It’s November, which means that it’s time for’s resident box office expert The Weekend Warrior to don his Oscar predicting cap, which starts this week with a preview of the movies that have opened earlier in the year and played at festivals, which might be considered for various awards going into Oscar season. We’ve also posted a few of the Oscar Warrior’s earliest predictions yet, although those are likely to change. You can find a link to his first column of the season after this brief preview:

With only two months to go, 2007 might feel like the weakest year for awards-worthy movies ever, but maybe that’s because there have been many really good movies, but nothing so great that it immediately jumps to the top of anyone’s Top 10 list for the year. Few of the movies seemed like they could bear repeat viewings for decades to come, but honestly, can anyone say that any of the movies selected as Best Picture by the Academy over the last five or six years might be deemed classics that might be heralded with special edition anniversary DVDs in ten or twenty years? Probably not.

Even so, enough movies have been released and seen at festivals to get some idea what movies the studios might be using to attach the Academy and other awards groups this season in hopes of getting that coveted recognition and the dollars that often goes along with it. What you’re about to read below aren’t predictions, but you can see a few of my early ones here if you’re interested, though these are likely to change over the next two months as more movies are seen and the picture becomes clearer.

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