CS Video: Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari on Making Rosewater


For over 15 years, Jon Stewart has established himself as one of the country’s leading political satirists thanks to his late night Comedy Central show “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” When Stewart decided to add “filmmaker” to his long list of credits, Rosewater may not have been the type of film some might have expected him to make.

Adapted from Maziar Bahari’s memoir “Then They Came for Me,” it tells the true story of how the Iranian-Canadian journalist, played in the movie by Gael Garcia Bernal, was thrown into prison by the Iranian government following the 2009 elections, accused of being an American spy when he was caught filming the revolts that followed the suspicious election results. During months of imprisonment, Bahari was interrogated about all aspects of his life with the main evidence against him being… an appearance on “The Daily Show,” of all things.

Stewart has created a powerful and emotional film that gives us another look at the complicated politics within the Middle East from someone who has traversed the fence between East and West.

In the video interview below, ComingSoon.net spoke with Stewart and Bahari about recreating some of the scenes, particularly those in Iran, making a dramatic film about a serious topic but instilling it with lighter moments and more.

Rosewater opens in select cities on Friday, November 14. Fathom events will also have a special screening on Thursday night followed by a Live Q n A of director Jon Stewart conducted by Stephen Colbert.