Can the series make a comeback?

The annual event in Atlanta, Georgia

Based on the book of concept art by Daniel Simon

The series is being developed as an hourlong comedy drama

The Man of Steel pays a visit to the Gotham City jail

The bestselling novel hits the big screen September 19

The football drama starring Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner

Plus updates on Neil Gaiman's involvement and the potential use of Anansi Boys characters

Oliver Queen's number one fan is heading to Starling City

The game will be available on September 30

The Marvel Comics-inspired animated film hits theaters November 7

He explains his aim to "create a real psychology" behind the character

Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on November 11

The latest on Episode VII, the spinoffs, "Star Wars Rebels" and more

The prison drama now playing in NY, opens in L.A. September 5

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