New York! 3D Horror Classics Fest at The Quad!


New York's The Quad Cinema unleashes 3D 35mm cult film festival

New York’s The Quad Cinema unleashes 3D 35mm cult film festival

3D is the state of the nation. Common like dirt. But listen up, junior. There was a time when 3D was something special. An event. A big freaking deal. Back in the days of Arch Obler’s Bwana Devil and Warner’s big budget 3D studio feature House of Wax and then, when the process became cheaper, drizzling all over the exploitation and horror genre, drawing out lazy arses from living rooms to have an experience they could only have at the cinema.

In honor of cult cinema’s long, awesome history with 3D, NYC’s The Quad Cinema is prepped to blow out a wild festival filled with all manner of cult oddities all in 3D, all on 35mm including the World Premiere of a new 3D print of Paul Naschy‘s Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror and director Worth Keeter in person to present Hit the Road Running & Rottweiler

From the press release:

With cinema having taken shape amidst such early iconic images as Broncho Billy firing into the camera, a train coming straight for the audience, and a rocket going into the moon’s eye, it was inevitable that features filmed in 3-D would opt for comparable effects so as to show off the wonder of the process. But there were more varied genres explored in the format, and by more eclectic filmmakers from all over the world, than are commonly recalled. With 3-D for today’s movies fully digitized into lockstep with DCP, the Quad takes a look back at some of the more arcane, quixotic, and disreputable uses of the process in the ’80s over-and-under boom, that was heavy on horror sequels, sci-fi adventures, idiosyncratic cult movies, and grindhouse fare. Join us for an all-35mm survey. Programmed by Harry Guerro.

Check out this mouth water list of wild film. If you’re in NYC you have to be there. If you’re not… GO!

Amityville 3-D Richard Fleischer, 1983, 35mm
A*P*E Paul Leder, 1976, 35mm
The Bubble [original version] Arch Oboler, 1966, 35mm
Comin’ at Ya! Ferdinando Baldi, 1981, 35mm
Dynasty Mei Chun Chang, 1977, 35mm
Flesh for Frankenstein Paul Morrissey, 1973, 35mm
Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror Enrique Lopez Eguiluz, 1968, 35mm
World premiere of new 35mm 3D print of the U.S. release version courtesy of Garagehouse Pictures with original distributor Sam Sherman in person!
Friday the 13th Part III Steve Miner, 1982, 35mm
Hit the Road Running Worth Keeter, 1983, 35mm
With director Worth Keeter in person!
Jaws 3-D Joe Alves, 1983, 35mm
Love in 3-D Walter Boos, 1973, 35mm
Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn Charles Band, 1983, 35mm
Parasite Charles Band, 1982, 35mm
Revenge of the Shogun Women Mei Chun Chang, 1977, 35mm
Rottweiler Worth Keeter, 1983, 35mm
With director Worth Keeter in person!
Silent Madness Simon Nuchtern, 1984, 35mm
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Lamont Johnson, 1983, 35mm
Starchaser: The Legend of Orin Steven Hahn, 1985, 35mm
Treasure of the Four Crowns Ferdinando Baldi, 1983, 35mm

The fest runs from October 13-19 at The Quad Cinema (34 W 13th St, New York, NY). For tickets and more info hit the official site.

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