A*P*E Blu-ray Cover Art and Full Features Revealed!



Awesomely trashy King Kong rip-off A*P*E comes to 3D Blu-ray

In 1976, as the world steadied itself for the impending elephantine Dino De Laurentiis remake of King Kong, another giant monkey movie thundered into theaters, armed with a total production budget that the Dino flick only spent on bananas. That film was Paul (I Dismember Mama) Leder‘s deranged 3D Kong rip-off A*P*E, originally titled The New King Kong and then, because of a promised lawsuit, quickly changed to the current title.

Now, A*P*E stands for “Attacking Primate MonstEr.” That’s right, Leder and his merry band of misfits couldn’t even bother finding a word that began with E for the acronym. No matter, as that bit of half-assed goofiness is one of dozens of memorably-daft moves that define the enduring appeal of A*P*E, a film that was financed by Korean producers and because, y’know, M*A*S*H was set during the Korean war, the title kinda made sense. Or something.

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This writer LOVES A*P*E. It’s crazy. Look at the still above! No other Kongsploitation movie features the shag-costumed simian heavy inexplicably stopping its reign of terror to turn to the camera and give the audience the finger. And yet A*P*E is otherwise played like a straight Kong remake. Except… well.. .it’s A*P*E!


Kino Lorber starts 2017 off with a BANG by releasing A*P*E for the first time on Blu-ray in fully restored 3D, a major event for fans of awesomely sincere and inept downmarket horror and fantasy filmmaking. The movie comes stomping to stores and online outlets on February 28th and we got a look at the full features and Blu-ray cover below.

APE-Blu-ray-620 -2

Special Features:

*NEW 2K Restoration (2D and 3D; 3D version requires 3D TV)

*Audio Commentary by Horror Cinema Historian Chris Alexander… yes that’s correct. THIS WRITER did the commentary! Wheee!

*Original Theatrical Trailer

*Optional SDH subtitles

Pre-order A*P*E today!

And watch the anaglyph 3D A*P*E trailer below (requires them beautiful red/blue 3D glasses to fully enjoy).