Watch Acclaimed Horror Short Dawn of the Deaf


Watch Acclaimed Horror Short Dawn of the Deaf

Director Rob Savage’s apocalyptic short horror film Dawn of the Deaf is now free to watch

Fantastic Fest favorite Dawn of the Deaf has been slowly gaining cult status after a myriad international festival runs and now, director Rob Savage is making the movie available to screen for free, starting today. You can experience its innovative frights at the bottom of this news item.

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“Our aim was to create a genre film that would connect Deaf and hearing audiences in an engaging, thrilling way,” Savage told of his apocalyptic horror short made with a cast drawn from the London Deaf community. “Rather than retread the same narratives usually seen when dealing with disability, we wanted to create a tense story in which the characters’ ‘disability’ becomes their ultimate advantage over the hearing population.”

The film was made for only £7000.00 and was a real labor of love from all involved. Savage is currently working very hard to try and raise the finance for a feature version.

So buckle in and block aside 12 minutes for one of  the strangest, scariest horror shorts in recent memory! Dawn of the Deaf!

Dawn of the Deaf from Rob Savage on Vimeo.