Cannes 2016: Mexico’s MORBIDO Brand Partners with VIVA Pictures




Famed Mexican horror brand partners with U.S. based production entity for new film deal.

Exciting news out of Cannes today that VIVA Pictures has landed the U.S. rights to the famed Mórbido brand. Mórbido is a lifestyle horror and fantasy brand and festival which originated in Mexico in 2007. During that time, Mórbido has become the most important festival of the genre in Latin America and has become known as the “voice of horror” in the region with its many platforms that include an FM radio show, a podcast, a publishing house, a distribution label and more.  Plans are to initially launch a Mórbido branded movie label through VIVA Pictures which will roll out this fall with THE OUIJA SUMMONING as well as the VIVA original productions CHARLIE CHARLIE and EFFIGY. The deal was jointly announced at Cannes by Mórbido’s CEO Pablo Guisa Koestinger and VIVA Pictures President Victor Elizalde. 

“We’re extremely excited by the myriad of opportunities that exist with the Mórbido brand and lifestyle,” commented Elizalde.  “Horror and sci-fi fans are typically the most loyal followers of any type of genre.  The audiences behind the platforms that Pablo has created are indicative of this fact and we look forward to expanding Mórbido’s presence into the U.S. and Canada.”

“It is wonderful to see Mórbido expanding globally,” stated Pablo Guisa Koestinger.  “As the creator of the brand as well as being a fan myself, I am looking forward to seeing this partnership truly grow.”

More on the partnership and impending movie slate as we get it.