TV Recap: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Season 2, Episode 1, ‘Monster’


FEAR THE WALKING DEAD returns and SHOCK recaps the action.

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The premiere of the second season of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD set sail on the first episode and took our survivors from land to sea.

The episode starts on a quick pace as our group are being surrounded on shore by walkers. Madison waits on the shore as her city crumbles all around her, bombs going off, fires spreading and devouring all in its path. Chris is still holding onto his dead mother; Liza and is having a very difficult time with her death. Strand is bringing survivors to his yacht on his dinghy and the group are taking trips back and forth. Strand has faith in Nick to take the last trip alone while he gets the boat ready to get them out of there.

Walkers start to close in on Travis, Madison and Chris on the beach and Chris refuses to leave his mothers side. They arm themselves with large rocks and start fending off walkers and smashing skulls in, up close and personal. A walker gets on top of Travis and Madison helps him quickly by caving it’s head in, another walker approaches Madison from behind and Travis warns her just as a walker grabs hold of him. They kill both walkers and Nick shows up just in time to bring them over to Abigail, Strand’s yacht. Madison and Travis’s relationship shows great strength and teamwork and prove that their partnership can withstand difficult and intense situations. They quickly load up the dinghy and bring Liza’s body aboard. A walker follows them and gets close to them but Nick uses his quick thinking and pulls up the motor and revs the engine making a walker smoothie out of his face; to much for Madison she looks away in horror.

Nick brings the rest back to the yacht and Strand gives some praise to Nick for getting it done. It shows that Strand trusts Nick with tasks and doesn’t use his addiction and past against him; like his family does at times. It looks as if Strand spared no expense when he purchased this luxurious yacht. Strand pilots the yacht away from the shore as they get further away they see LA engulf in flames. They escaped a fiery death and as they sail further away from the city, fighter jets drop more bombs upon the city; confirming what Andrew told Daniel about Cobalt was true.

The group help Strand secure and insure the boat is working OK and everything is running smoothly. He tells them that the boat can go three thousand miles, four if they don’t stress the engine; which is great for them. Chris won’t leave his mothers body and is grieving and having a hard timing coping with everything happening. Travis wants to comfort his son but doesn’t know how and before he can he’s alerted that another vessel is approaching the yacht and it’s full of people. Madison asks Strand to stop and help the people but he tells her that’s not going to happen. He met his quota already for saving people and giving mercy.  Travis tells Alicia to use the radio and check the channels to see if there’s anywhere safe to go to.

Strand says he’s traveling south towards San Diego and that they need to stay away from the coast, other boats and away from other people. Madison demands that he stops for the other people but he quickly lets her know who really is in charge and making the decisions. He tells her he won’t be stopping unless it’s to drop people off and Travis sides with Strand and agrees it’s not safe to stop and Strand speeds up. Alicia is scanning channels on the radio hearing lots of people in distress and seeking help. A message from the coast guard comes on and the man says that they can longer help and that they have no one left to assist anyone. It’s never a good sign when the last resort asks for forgiveness and when they can no longer help.

Nick goes to speak with Strand and tells him he should have stopped but he reminds Nick he already spoke to him about this when they were locked in the pen. You can’t always help everyone, sometimes it puts you at risk or ends up hurting you in some way. Alicia is still trying different stations to hear any news on safe places to travel to. Madison is concerned that she hasn’t slept and tries to get her to go lay down but Alicia wants to be involved and help out with the situation. She wants to be useful and contribute to their survival and asks her mom to let her do it. Madison lets her and goes to find Travis; he wants to help his son but doesn’t know what to do and asks Madison for help but she tells him there’s nothing to do about it. She’s struggling with the fact that they left those other people behind and Travis explains to her it’s what they had to do to keep them safe. They should put themselves first because they didn’t know if anyone was infected and they don’t even have enough supplies for themselves. Madison isn’t able to get over it as easily as Travis was. Strand knows he has to make hard decisions that will save their lives even if it means others will die, by letting all those people on the yacht it could have caused chaos.

As Alicia searches the stations; alone on the back of the boat David Bowie’s song “5 Years” plays in the background. This song fits the mood perfectly and is so perfect since the song is about the world coming to an end and how important human connection is when times are bad. She comes across a station where a man sounds clear and he’s asking if anyone is out there. He’s asking to give him a shot and to trust him and continues to coax Alicia into talking to him and she finally responds.

Chris is struggling and finally leaves his mothers side when he sees Daniel fishing off the back of the boat. He joins him and asks him what they can catch out here, Daniel gives his condolences to him and Chris says sorry about his wife as well. Chris wishes he could have said goodbye but Daniel tells him that it wouldn’t have mattered.

Nick bumps into Ofelia down in the cabin of the boat and he asks if she needs help with her wound since it doesn’t look so good. He tries to give advice to her for her pain and suggests she has vodka, lots of it causing her to smile. They share a cute moment between them, could this be a slow start to a potential relationship?


Alicia and the guy on the other side of the radio seem to be getting to know each other as they ask each other what happened around them when it all went down. He seems very suspicious and withholds information from her because he doesn’t know her but could be doing that for a reason. Travis goes to speak with Daniel about Chris since he saw them together fishing.   Daniel tells Travis that Chris will understand one day that what he did for his mother was an act of mercy. He wishes he could trade his failure for the mercy Travis provided his ex-wife. He feels he failed his wife because he wasn’t there for her when she needed him and when she died.

Madison is on look out and hears something and goes inside and continues to hear a mumbled voice. It sounds like strand is having a conversation with someone and he’s keeping that a secret. She continues to follow the voice and heads up top where Strand is. She’s convinced someone is playing music out there but he informs her that it’s unlikely and that sound travels differently on water. He tells her that he likes to talk to himself and that it keeps him sane and she mentions that she heard that too. She asks if it’s deep enough now and that’s it’s time to take care of her, her meaning Liza.

Alicia and the guy on the radio are getting more comfortable with each other and even seems like they are flirting. Alicia is giving to much information to this guy without knowing who he is or what his intentions are and he is asking a lot of questions.

Madison asks Daniel what’s next since he’s experienced with seeing bad situations in his past. She asks how this ends and he answers, “If this is the end of the world, it’s already over.” They discuss how Strand hasn’t slept yet and that they don’t trust him. Even though he saved them and helped them, they feel suspicious of him. Daniel mentions that be was packing his bags even before everything went down and that he had this plan already; he has other motives perhaps. Madison says they should watch him but Daniel informs her he already has been.

Alicia continues to talk to the guy on the radio, as he mentions almost everybody he knows is dead except his brother and his brothers wife; she stares at the design her boyfriend drew on her arm, the one she carved into her skin to make it permanent. He keeps telling her about his loss and making her feel bad for him. It seems like this guy is up to something and not just trying to get to know Alicia. It feels like he’s trying to gain her trust so she puts down her guard and gives him information that he could use against them.

The group finally is able to have a ceremony for Liza. Travis shares some words with everyone about her and how kind and helpful she was. He spoke about how strong she was and that the best thing they ever did together was their son Chris. As Travis finishes saying that she loved him very much Chris slowly walks over to her and looks down at her. Something comes over him and he violently slides her body off the boat and into the water in a fit of anger and leaves. Travis goes to check up on Chris and demands they talk about it but Chris doesn’t want to. He’s angry at his dad and claims that it could have been different and that he could have fixed things. He blames him and yells at him for shooting her and lashes out and punches his dad in the face. Travis leaves him and let’s him have his space.

We learn the guy on the radio is named jack and that his boat is taking on water and that they are heading to land. Alicia doesn’t want him to since the dead is there and she tells him that she wants to help and that they’ll go and get them. She asks where they are and he asks if they can see the mountains and if she can see Catalina. Alicia fell right into the trap, she told him where they are and showed how close they are to them. She goes to Travis and explains what is happening and that they need help and asks if they can go help them out. Strand over hears and doesn’t like that she gave up information she shouldn’t have. He lays down the law and let’s them know that it’s his boat and his rules and they will do what he says. He reminds them he saved their lives and they should be thankful.

Nick goes to talk to Strand and explains that his sister just wants to help and don’t mean to cause more problems. Strand tells nick that everyone has a use and a purpose and Nick asks what his is. Strand asks Nick how many times he died and when it happened was he afraid and Nick shakes his head no. He says that’s fearlessness and focus and that carries value in this kind of word. Strand calls him Nicholas and Nick asks him not to since that’s what his dad used to call him. Strand is very meticulous and methodical when he speaks and presents himself. There’s a mysterious way about him and how he handles himself In front of the others and only allows them to know so much.

Madison goes to see Chris and to see how he is doing. She tells him it’s ok to be angry and tells him she was 13 when she first hit her father.  She wants him to join the others and to eat. She tells him she’s sorry and that the pain never goes away and that the hurt stays. She tells him his dad had to do it and if he didn’t it would have been her that did it.

They all go to have dinner together to share a meal and to enjoy each others company. Everyone seems to be getting along for a brief moment and Chris comes up and joins everyone but instead of sitting down he goes outside on deck. A thick fog creeps over toward the boat and chris jumps into the water. They hear the splash and Nick dives in after him and swims out looking for Chris and when he finds him he asked what he was doing. Chris claims he wanted to go for a swim but Nick doesn’t quite believe him but goes with it and tells them to come in and the water is nice. Chris is showing the signs of the stages of grief and you can see he’s working through his emotions and trying to deal and understand them.

Alicia lets Jack know that they can’t go and get them and that she’s sorry because it’s to dangerous. He answers in a strange way, “It’s ok Alicia. I got you. We’ll see you soon.” It appears that Jack and his people know where they are and are heading their way. It seems like they were tracking them as Alicia was talking to them. As Nick is swimming under water he sees someone above him in the water floating and realizes it’s a walker trying to eat him. Walkers can’t swim very well and just float and aren’t as dangerous as they are on land. Nick yells for Madison attention to make them aware of the walkers in the water.

As the fog clears a capsized boat and a bunch of walkers appear in the water. Nick thinks he can hear someone and swims over to the boat. Chris heads back to the yacht and has a close call with one of the walkers, while Nick investigates the noise. As he swims under the boat you can see that it was riddled with bullet holes and that this boat was attacked. He finds the boats log floating in a plastic bag and grabs it and as he does a walker grabs him quickly and tries to bite him. He pushes away and Travis calls for Nick and gets the attention of the walker off of Nick and Nick gets away. As Nick swims out from the boat a detection alarm goes off and alerts Strand. He’s concerned and stresses that they need to leave because they are going to have visitors, “It could be no one, it could be the ones that did that.” As he points at the wreckage beside them. The unknown boat is coming at them fast and Strand isn’t waiting around for them. Madison tells them to hurry and that they need to leave because who ever did that is coming back.

It turns out the sea is just as unsafe as the land. No matter where you go the bad always follows. Nick finding that boat log is going to have an importance; perhaps what really happened to that boat. Did Alicia lead the bad guys right to them? Trouble is coming right for them, will they be able to escape it?

The episode was full of suspense and is preparing us for something big to happen next episode. I don’t think it’s THE LOVE BOAT coming to help.