Comic-Con: Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah…Godzilla 2 Invades Hall H


godzillaboxofficesocialsGodzilla 2 was very much present in Hall H this afternoon when Legendary Pictures invaded Comic-Con for a panel.

It began with a special message from director Gareth Edwards who joked he was in San Francisco helping the rebuilding process. Truth is, he’s working on the new Star Wars film, but when he’s done, it’s back to the business of Godzilla.

And Legendary got the audience riled up by showing off a sizzle reel featuring what the Godzilla universe has in store. A video played to the crowd that teased something called “Section 8” which paved the way for other monsters that fall into this category…


After trotting out teaser imagery for these three, words splashed onto the screen that read “Let Them Fight.”

Legendary’s Thomas Tull told the audience that Toho is cooperating with Legendary and it sounds like they’ve got the rights to reimagine these monsters for future Godzilla films! Get excited.

I do want to note that the Edwards video ended with a shot of Godzilla rising out of the ocean and stepping onto Alcatraz before issuing a mighty roared. And I loved every second of this new footage.