HorrorCal L.A. Horror Event Calendar Gets a Site


Daniel James BakerWell, the praise for HorrorCal L.A. has been positive since it launched. If you missed out on the initial announcement…

HorrorCal L.A. is a joint effort between myself and my good friend Annette DiGiovanni. It’s a calendar that you can subscribe to via iCal or your Google calendar that gives you the lowdown on all of the horror happenings in the Los Angeles area. We’re talking about screenings and conventions and gallery opening and signings and more!

If it gets popular, we’ll create one for New York City and if that takes off, we’ll make one for the U.S.

Since the announcement last week – which has instructions on how to subscribe – we created an Instagram feed and a Twitter account.

We also established a handy website for those who¬†don’t use either a Google calendar or iCal. Go give it a visit at HorrorCal.com.

Don’t expect it to be too fancy. This is a meat ‘n potatoes effort to keep the horror community informed on what’s happening from week to week so you don’t miss anything!

Feedback is a must – let us know what you think!