Rank ‘Em! The Many Faces of Chucky from Best to Worst!



Everyone’s favorite homicidal-doll-possessed-by-the-spirit-of-a-dead-serial-killer, Chucky, kind of pulled a Freddy Krueger over the various Child’s Play installments.

When he was introduced in 1988, Chucky was mainly all-business and meant to frighten viewers. As the sequels piled up, so did the one-liners, and at a certain point it didn’t seem like Chucky was intended to be scary anymore. Those entries are easier to enjoy if one presumes they are watching a dark comedy as opposed to a horror movie.

Eventually Chucky did return to his roots, but only after surviving sequels that, while not terrible movies, severely diminished his status as a horror icon capable of instilling fear in viewers. Here is my personal ranking of the Chucky's representation on the big (and small) screen.