Check Out This New Poster for Phantasmagoria


The makers of Phantasmagoria have sent along this beautiful one-sheet for their film. The art hails from the Italian poster group Malleus.

In this French/Italian anthology production, three directors – Mickael Abbate, Domiziano Cristopharo and Tiziano Martella – offer us their original visions of fear in three gripping films: Diabolique, Il serpente dalla lingua acciaio and My Gift to You.

Cristina Puccinelli (L’Ultimo Weekend), Venantino Venantini (City of the Living Dead), Sophie Pâris and newcomer Maya Dolan recently joined the cast. When we last reported on the film, it was described as "a vibrating tribute to William Castle’s cinema, but also an introduction to [three] original visions of fear in three gripping films that encompass the breadth of the genre."