E3 2014: XBox One Is About To Get GRAVE!


f0dda83b3d73f5347a53fed5db39bcca GRAVE is a survival horror game that finds plays using light to fend off creatures rather than tons of ammo and weapons.

In fact, there are more tools than there are weapons which encourages you to use your brain rather than your brawn to survive the night. Some of the tools/weapons that you will come across are matches, flashlights, gasoline, and flares. All of these have multiple functions so you will need to keep that in mind.

Originally funded by Kickstarter, the game met its goal, but the stretch goals designed to fund PS4 support were not met, which meant no next-gen version. Well, all that has changed. XBox announced that they are bringing GRAVE to XBox One. I think it is an interesting move by Xbox in order to get the Everyman gamer behind them. Whether or not this is the case, I'm glad for the developers and let's hope we can get more support for the independent gamer in the future.