Criminal Macabre: The Third Child Announced By Dark Horse


Dark Horse ComicsSometimes if you aren’t a real die hard comic fan, some really quality comics manage to slip under the radar. It’s kind of like being a horror movie fan. And it’s always fun to bring one out to the forefront because you know it’s awesome and fun and critically acclaimed and criminally overlooked.

Criminal Macabre, by Steve Niles, is that kind of story. In 1990, Niles (author of a multitude of titles, most recognizably 30 Days of Night) introduced his own anti-hero to the world. Akin to John Constantine, Cal McDonald is a paranormal detective who isn’t exactly a knight of virtue.

Since the '90s, Niles and various authors have been tackling McDonald mysteries in various forms. One-shots and minis have been published by Dark Horse and IDW and fresh out of Phoenix Comic-con, Niles is bring another four-part mini to readers called Criminal Macabre: The Third Child.

Not much has been detailed, although we know it is a direct sequel to the most recent mini, Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein.  Christopher Mitten (Batman, Umbral) is handling art this go round, a well suited choice considering he has done some Macabre before.

In the new mini, we see McDonald at a low point, drowning in alcohol and painkillers, and the monsters see a chance they just have to take.

The comic is due to hit shelves September 17th. That gives you plenty of time to catch up, whether visiting your local shop or hitting up the Dark Horse app, I suggest giving this a read when you can. Criminal Macabre is a gritty, fun love letter to the paranormal and not to be missed. Also, for a sneak peek of what’s coming, check out Mitten’s art at