Did You Catch the Cameo in Last Night’s The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead prequelThe Walking Dead resumed its fourth season last night on AMC. Forget whether it was good or not…did you happen to catch the zombie cameo?  It's the latest in a string of familiar "dead" faces that have quietly snuck into the show.

In last night's episode, we saw Michonne wandering a zombie-filled wooded landscape.  In the crowd of putrid faces following her: Is that Jack Goodman from An American Werewolf in London we see in there? Appears so! And I'm not surprised. The KNB FX team behind The Walking Dead has been having a bit of fun with the "walkers" we see on the show.  

Earlier, we saw them update "Dr. Tongue" from Day of the Dead and "Wormface" from Lucio Fulci's Zombie and, as another friend pointed out to me, dead Ben Gardner's head (from Jaws) was spotted in The Governor's zombie head collection in season 3.

Have you caught on to any sneaky, grisly zombie cameos in the show?