Resident Evil in Space? Doom: The Mercenaries Puts Two Great Tastes Together!


doom-the-mercenaries?DOOM was one of the first PC games I ever played.  It was fun, violent and occasionally scary.  However, it wasn’t until Resident Evil that I became a full-fledged gamer, spending hours solving puzzles and killing zombies!  So, how cool would it be for these two games to combine?  Wonder no longer, it’s a reality.

Modder DooMero has created a 3rd person Resident Evil mod for DOOM called aptly enough, DOOM: The Mercenaries.  Play Leon, Ada, even Hunk, in the world of DOOM. Check out the video below.

You can download it HERE.  You will also need an open-source multiplayer source port like Zandronum to avoid any playability issues. Enjoy!