Shock’s Ryan Turek Invades Killer POV Podcast, Green Inferno Discussed


Last night, the Killer POV team asked me to come on board their podcast and that episode is now live.  The gang behind this includes Robert Galluzzo of FEARnet, Elric Kane of Inside Horror and Fangoria's Rebekah McKendry (my Dead Right Horror Trivia Night co-host).

Here's the episode's description: The group got to see a slew of up and coming horror features including Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, Ti West’s The SacramentBlue RuinBig Bad WolvesTormentSavaged and many, many more. Elric reports back from the ‘Hi-8′ screening at the Jumpcut Cafe where he tells the most unbelievable story about Barry J. Gills, the director/star of the 1989 VHS cult classic Things! Grab a pen and paper, you’re going to need it to keep up with all these titles!