William Sadler Finds Vampires Living Among Us in New Found Footage Film


William Sadler, John Heard, James Russo, Esme Bianco, Andrew Keegan and Thomas Ian Nicholas are set to star in Living Among Us.

The film comes to us from writer-director Brian Metcalf and is another entry in the found footage sub-genre.  This one focuses on a documentary crew (naturally) sent in to interview a family of vampires whose existence has been made known to the world.  But soon, the crew realizes their very lives are in danger as they uncover a deadly secret and must fight for survival.

Sadler (seen in this summer's Iron Man 3) is set to play the role of Samuel, the sect leader who arranges for the camera crew to interview the family. Heard will play Andrew, the head of the family who is being interviewed and Bianco will play Elleanor, the wife of Andrew. Russo will be Aaron, the station manager. Keegan will take on the role of Blake, the immorally sadistic and sociopathic vampire and family member while Nicholas will play Mike, the camera crew's interviewer.

Shooting begins later this month in Los Angeles.

“Assembling a great cast is never easy, and we’re thrilled to have such experienced talent as a part of ‘Living Among Us,’” says Metcalf and Nicholas (who is also acting as a producer).