Someone Wants to Remake Stephen King’s Cujo…


Sunn Classic Pictures has been vying to get a remake of Cujo off of the ground.  The company announceed its intent back in January and even created a Facebook page for the redo, claiming the film will hit theaters this year.  A sales trailer was cooked up (thanks to Dread Central for the tip-off) and you can watch it inside.  Here’s what the FB page says:

Sunn Classic Pictures has announced plans to produce the remake of “Cujo” this year representing the 30th Anniversary since Sunn produced the original in 1983.  Based upon Steven King’s novel, “Cujo” is the story of a large, playful St. Bernard dog that is transformed into a hideous killing machine after being infected by rabies.

Whether this remake comes to fruition or not remains to be seen.  We’ll keep you posted.

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