Has Tom Six Found a Replacement for The Human Centipede 3?


Something to take with a grain of salt this weekend…  Best Movies Ever is reporting Udo Kier is being courted to star in The Human Centipede 3.  The site, unfortunately, doesn’t state where these rumblings are coming from, so consider this strictly a rumor for now.

If cast, Kier would be replacing Dieter Laser, the star of Tom Six’s The Human Centipede.

Six and Laser went head-to-head recently when it was announced the former would be suing the actor.

According to Six’s camp, Laser pulled out of the film over certain demands he wanted from the script.  Laser explained his side of the story here.

One constant: Laurence Harvey of Human Centipede 2 will indeed be back.  That has not changed.

Time will tell if Kier is involved.  He’s a good fit for the project, I suppose, and crazy enough to do it.