Producer Jeremy Bolt Talks Resident Evil: Retribution


They want to “be better than the last one”

In a discussion about The Three Musketeers, our brother site, Coming Soon, spoke with producer Jeremy Bolt about Resident Evil: Retribution, now lensing in Toronto, Canada.

CS: What is getting you excited about tackling another “Resident Evil”?

Bolt: Just to be better than the last one. To keep fans engaged and to expand the audience. We’ve got new characters coming from the game. We’re doing some really interesting plot twists. We’ve got characters returning from earlier versions of the film. You know, a franchise is a great thing to have as a filmmaker. It’s obviously the mother-load in a number of ways. But the danger is that you run the risk of resting on your laurels. Paul and I constantly try to push forward and keep every version better than the last. Every “Resident Evil” film has done significantly better than the last one and I think that comes from trying to give people a new experience each time. It goes back to the first “Resident Evil” where we actually introduced an entirely new character with Alice. She doesn’t exist in the games. If you just do a simple adaptation, it’s kind of a cheat. You need to enhance and give added value to the fans.

CS: It seems like there’s a massive number of cast members returning this time around. Is the goal to bring back everyone from the entire franchise?

Bolt: Almost, yeah. It’s fun. Michelle Rodriguez is coming back. Colin Salmon is coming back from the first one. Sienna Guillory is coming back. There’s also a lot of new characters. We’ve got a brilliant young actor, Johann Urb, who’s playing Leon from the game. But like I said, the challenge is to just keep pushing the envelope.

The new film opens September 14, 2012.