The Clinic


Now available on DVD


Tabrett Bethell as Beth

Freya Stafford as Veronica

Andy Whitfield as Cameron

Clare Bowen as Ivy

Sophie Lowe as Allison

Adrienne Pickering as Jane Doe


Health care is definitely not their strong suit at The Clinic.

The Aussies have made a habit of making strong horror films. Wolf Creek is just a horribly brutal film – in a good way. Undead is a fun and funny take on zombies. The Clinic is the country’s take on baby smuggling and a depraved syndicate offering children plucked right from the bellies of soon-to-be-mothers.

Six pregnant women are rounded up and taken to an abandoned factory and farm that’s been modified to become the ultimate proving grounds for genetics. If one mother can obtain five of the clips that have been surgically implanted inside of them after a c-section, they will get their child. The others, obviously, do not.

Call it Hunger Games but with pregnant women.

The lovely Tabrett Bethell stars as Beth who was taken while on a road trip with her fiancé Cameron (Spartacus‘ Andy Whitfield). After she is kidnapped and her baby ripped from her womb, Beth wakes up in a tub of ice and parades around naked for a while before finding some clothes and some other chicks that just happen to have the same c-section wound as she does.

Soon they learn they aren’t just there to have their babies taken. It is a Darwin-esque contest. The strongest survives and gets their baby back … or do they?

I won’t give too much away in terms of overall reason for these poor women fighting it out to the death but it is rather interesting and gives a lot of credence to the most of what we see in The Clinic.

While not as vicious as Wolf Creek in terms of the gore or deaths, instead it plays more to the emotions involved regarding the women fighting for their children and doing whatever it takes to not only survive but be re-united with their children they have never really met.

While Whitfield gets the starring nod here, he is but a bit player that runs around most of the film searching for his fiancé only to fail miserably.

Still, The Clinic is strong enough without him being a major influence in the film because of the other really good performances by all of the women in the movie and the fairly original take on the whole pregnancy horror angle.