Comic-Con 2011: Who Will Play Cassie Hack?


In the animated film?

The most eagerly anticipated event is Halo-8’s introduction of the star playing Cassie Hack in the upcoming “Hack/Slash” illustrated film.

The actress, who is also appearing at SDCC for a panel promoting another genre-series she stars in, will join creator Tim Seeley and director Matt Pizzolo at Halo-8’s panel Saturday 7pm in Room 9.

The “Hack/Slash” illustrated film is currently in production. It mixes comic book sequential art with 3D CGI and, in a new twist for Halo-8, rotoscoped animation of live-action performances.

“Cassie is a great role and there are a lot of established actresses who’d love to bring her to life. We feel really blessed by the actress we’ve selected to take on the role–not only is she a fan-favorite but she herself is a fan of Tim, Cassie, and Vlad” said Pizzolo, who is directing the film and designing its visual style. “With Hack/Slash, we’re working more with green screen and roto-style animation, so this actress will literally be taking on Cassie’s skin.”

In the past, actresses including Megan Fox and Kat Dennings have spoken publicly about how they’d love to play Cassie Hack, and a Twitter campaign #AllisonScag4Cassie trended for Warehouse-13’s Allison Scagliotti to win the coveted role.

Source: Shock Till You Drop