Exclusive Pics, Trailer: George Romero Presents Deadtime Stories


Coming to DVD July 12

When he’s not raising the dead for whatever …of the Dead opus he’s at work on, he’s cozying up to a good book to dish some “deadtime stories” to the kiddies.

Yes, that anthology horror film we’ve been reporting about, George Romero Presents Deadtime Stories, is making its way to DVD. Volume one streets on July 12 from Millenium Entertainment and we’ve got an exclusive photo gallery and trailer premiere to share with you.

Deadtime features tales from director Michael Fischa, Jeff Monahan and Matt Walsh, the stories concern two hikers trapped in a cave-in, a jilted teen lover turned bad, and man who is murderously desperate to help his ailing wife.

Click below for the full gallery and scroll down for the trailer!

Source: Shock Till You Drop