Something to Read: King Announces new Dark Tower Book


The Wind Through the Keyhole

You didn’t think Stephen King was really done with his “Dark Tower” series, did you? The author has announced that he has completed “The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole.” He’s being awful modest about this endeavor; here’s what he had to say via his official site:

“It won’t tell you much that’s new about Roland and his friends, but there’s a lot none of us knew about Mid-World, both past and present. The novel is shorter than DT 2-7, but quite a bit longer than the first volume—call this one DT-4.5. It’s not going to change anybody’s life, but God, I had fun.”

He had more to say right here.

So, is King merely laying more groundwork for the anticipated screen adaptations of the series which are due to come out from Ron Howard?

Source: Stephen King