Who’s Really Directing Bait 3D? Oh, and Some Photos


Dr. Doom versus sharks!

So, the Facebook page for the shark thriller Bait 3D (not to be confused with David Ellis’ upcoming “Untitled Shark Thriller”) has posted a series of photos featuring the cast, including Nip/Tuck‘s Julian McMahon (or, Dr. Doom from The Fantastic Four, if you prefer that).

You’ll also find behind-the-scenes photos which made me question: Who the hell is directing this thing? Because the guy directing in the photos isn’t Russell Mulcahy, who has been attached to the thriller for some time now. Instead, it’s Kimble Rendall. His credits include second unit work on The Matrix sequels, Ghost Rider and the upcoming The Killer Elite. Rendall is listed on the IMDB page for Bait 3D as a director alongside Mulcahy.

Are they co-directing or has Mulcahy stepped away?

Bait 3D – about a supermarket full of people and sharks after a tsunami – opens in Australia later this year.

Source: Facebook