Silk Remake Back on Track?


Based on the 2006 Thai thriller

Is Silk back in the running for a remake?

That’s what sources tell, Shock Till You Drop. If you recall in 2009, Gold Circle was circling the Su Chao-Bin-directed Taiwanese thriller. Interest has been renewed, apparently, and the production outfit is presently seeking writers to adapt the 2006 flick.

Tartan released the film here in the States.

Scripted by Chao Bin, the story focuses on a team of scientists who have managed to captured the ghost of a child. When the spirit speaks, no one can hear him. So, they enlist a specialist who can read lips so they can understand what this ghostly lad has to say about the afterlife. Shit hits the fan after that.

Who knows how fast Gold Circle will move on the project. They have a history of picking up remake rights to various projects, but never fully taking advantage of the properties they acquire.

The company is presently at work on The Haunting in Georgia.

Source: Shock Till You Drop