The Gate Remake Will Happen Sometime


Alex Winter talks about the future

When you need an update on The Gate remake, director Alex Winter is there to provide one. Friendly to the press and open to talk about his endeavor, he seems like an amiable dude with a strong vision.

But that’s not moving the remake along any faster. I mean, how many times have we reported about this thing over the last two and a half years? Winter remains hopeful it will happen.

“We’re in pre-production,” he tells Icon vs. Icon. “It’s a pretty complicated effects job so I’m not gonna be shooting for a while. I’m not gonna be shooting ’til the middle or late part of this year. Dealing with 3D test and creature design and all that kind of stuff right now which takes awhile.”

He adds that the film should be coming out sometime in 2012. You know, just like it was expected to arrive sometime in 2010…

Don’t blame Winter. That’s just the nature of the biz.

Source: Icon vs. Icon