Disco Exorcist Premiere Details, Poster


Get down. To Hell.

Turned off by big budget Hollywood exorcism fare like The Rite, then turn those possessed peepers of yours to The Disco Exorcist.

Scorpio Film Releasing is planning to hold the world premiere for this grindhouse wannabe at the Cable Car Cinema and Cafe in Providence, Rhode Island on February 12 at 11pm.

The production outfit recently debuted the poster, seen below. Stephen Romano provided the art; recently he’s been the go-to guy for poster art when you’re film needs to scream “This is grindhouse!”

The Disco Exorcist is, according to the press release, a “horror epic in the grindhouse tradition, stars Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin, Ruth Sullivan, Brandon Luis Aponte, Rich Tretheway, Gio Castellano, and Babette Bombshell as “Bernie Munghat.”

The film was directed by Richard Griffin, produced by Ted Marr, written by Tony Nunes and photographed by Jill Poisson.

Source: Shock Till You Drop